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The next session of Secret Sister will be from June until December.

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Bible Study Opportunities

Begins Wednesday, April 4, @ 6:30 p.m.


Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m.
Circle of Faith Room

Facilitator:  Gwen Graham
Thursday mornings at the home of
Celeste Corey
Facilitator: Celeste Corey

All of us know what it's like to be hurt or betrayed. Often it's a
small breach such as being spoken to rudely or overlooked in a time of
need. Other times we experience lies, gossip, or harsh words that cut us
to the core. Some of us have endured unspeakable pain through abuse,
adultery, or abandonment. God knows the pain we cause each other and
longs to help us learn to practice forgiveness.
Nowhere do we see forgiveness played out more fully in Scripture than in
the biblical story of Joseph.

This six-week study explores what God has to say to us about grace
and forgiveness through Joseph's story of trial and triumph found in
Genesis 37-50. As we study his dreams, his betrayers, his dysfunctional
family, his struggle to forgive, and his journey toward reconciliation,
we'll find truths that echo into our own personal situations as well as
practical help for answering common questions, such as:

How do I stop dwelling on the hurt?

Is forgiving someone excusing what happened?

When will I stop having to re-forgive?

Is there a difference between forgiveness and reconciliation?

How can I forgive and still set boundaries?


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